Hendrick’s Gin – The Enchanted Forest of Curiosities

In December of 2010, Hendrick’s Gin presented a typically unusual and groundbreaking series of events and promotional activities in New York. Entitled Hendrick’s Presents Fireside Chats in the Enchanted Forest of Curiosities, the series saw us taking over the famed Gallery 151 space in downtown New York and transforming it into an enchanted forest for a three week long campaign involving ambient advertising, events and a one‐of‐a‐king holiday shopping bazaar. The campaign ran from November 29 through December 18 and was designed to drive widespread consumer awareness and sampling. The highlight of the campaign was the week long series of “Fireside Chats”, where we worked with media and business partners to host and curate a series of completely innovative consumer sampling events, which featured a cast of unusual speakers, performers and otherworldly orators taking the stage and deliver entertaining, educational and otherwise fascinating performances to the assembled throngs.

The Space

Hendrick’s took over the existing Gallery 151 Space, located at 350 Bowery. M&F worked with renowned designer and prop builder Adam Aleksander to completely transform the gallery from a plain, raw space into a truly unusual and unique living advertisement for Hendrick’s Gin. Featuring trees growing out of the walls, a magical bar tree, a forest floor and a host of other enchanted decorative elements, the focal point of the space was a central stage on a tree stump, from which the Fireside Chats were delivered. This magical indoor forest was a truly eye‐catching experience that combined a host of unusual attractions to create an unforgettable environment for all the guests who attended.

he highlight of the campaign. From Monday to Friday, we hosted a series of extremely exclusive events for 150‐200 people per night, featuring signature cocktails from Jim Ryan and Jon Santer. Each invitation‐only event was pre‐promoted through a variety of different channels, ensuring optimum advance excitement and driving all traffic through the specially‐created RSVP site. In addition, such was the buzz that each evening had reached capacity well in advance of the scheduled date. The standard template for the events was:

  Events each night ran from 7‐10pm

  From 7pm to 8pm guests were able to mingle, enjoy cocktails and explore the space

  At 8pm the lights were dimmed and a spot came up on the stage as a dedicated emcee 
introduced the central performance, reading or demonstration, which took place until 9pm

  From 9pm to 10pm the event resumed under the cocktail party format

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