Artistic Director: Katie Dill, Creative Director & CFO: Adam Aleksander, Production Manager: Geneviève Mumford. Producer: Spencer Beavers

Adam Aleksander

President & Creative Director

is a a New York based Experiential Designer. He creates unique concepts that integrate with his clients branding and marketing campaign. By utilizing his design background, Aleksander specializes in building out raw or unusual venues with a concept to match. This is the beginning of how he turns ordinary events into memorable experiences. From there on, every aspect of the event is rethought and customized in hopes of creating life-long memories for the guests.

With a portfolio full of revolutionary events for such clients as… Heineken Global, Hendrick’s Gin, Red Bull, Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Macao Trading Company, Zu Vodka, and Gilt City, he works with brands to crack open their wildest imagination and corral those seemingly “out there” ideas into meaningful and memorable experiences. They consistently earn great press, resonate with guests, and set the bar for future events.

His design background includes esthetic training by Takashi Murakami;  Christmas windows for Macy’s, Saks, and Lord & Taylor; prop styling for Madonna’s 2008 World Tour; the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Macy’s Flower Show. One-off projects include clients such as Coca Cola, Godiva and Victoria’s Secret.

Aleksander got his industry wings while working at Employees Only. This multi-year residency, gave him an acute knowledge of the food and cocktail industry while working under some of the best in the cocktail and restaurant industry.

Geneviève L. Mumford

Production Manager

Geneviève has been designing, planning and producing upscale events in Montréal and New York for more than 5 years. As Production Manager, speaking both the artistic and business language, she ensures that the client’s ideas and every need are fulfilled and realized to perfection.

With a bold eye for conceptual design and a plentiful knowledge of gastronomy, Geneviève has a knack for combining all elements of your event into a cohesive and organic experience.

When collaborating on the creation of our unique concepts for a multitude of brands and clients, Geneviève’s passion for the spectacular is revealed through each and every detail, including turn-key production management.

Following a degree in fine arts at Concordia University, Geneviève brings her passion for movement, composition, and beauty to each and every experience.


Katie Dill

Artistic Director

Katie Dill, the bridge between concept and completion, takes the wildly innovative ideas we create and finds ways to make them reality.  Katie’s ability to see and understand the needs of the client, unique eye for design, and sheer determination make her an excellent addition to the Adam Aleksander Presents team.  As Artistic Director, Katie brings the AAP creative process to life.

A New York based scenic designer, she has been part AAP since 2013 starting as an intern and quickly pushing her way up through the ranks to become Artistic Director.  Katie’s past career credits include: working as Jr. Scenic and Decor Designer for award winning creative agency, Barkely Kalpak Agency, and Resident Scenic Designer for Casa Manana Theatre, as well as working as a Freelance Theatrical Scenic Designer, and Event Photographer.

Katie learned everything she knows while attending The University of North Carolina School of the Arts, studying Scenic Design under noted designers such as Howard Jones, Eduardo Sicangco, John Coyne and Franco Colavecchia.


Spencer Beavers


The newest member of the Adam Aleksander Presents team, Spencer Beavers, brings his experience working in music, television production, and food to the realm of event production.

Originally from Northern California, Spencer has been in New York for 6 years gaining experience in media and food around the city. It is this unusual combination of jobs that have honed Spencer’s skills to work in all facets of production, making him a great asset to the Adam Aleksander Presents team.

With strong interests in food, music, and film, Spencer has found the perfect job where he gets to balance his creative skills with his experience in production to help bring to life the incredible and unique events at Adam Aleksander Presents.