Client Quotes

THANK YOU and I doff my wintery wooly hat to you all for your imagination, brilliance, marvelous peculiarness, energy and XXX (the specialness of everything that happened, but the word has yet to be invented.) It has simply been the best way to end a phenomenal year for Hendrick’s.
Jun Hirst- Hendrick’s Gin

AMAZING!!! I have no idea how you pulled it off with such limited resources and time. Thank you so much for your hard work. This will definitely add a comedic, unique and entertaining element to our set. Maker’s Mark is sure to be the stand out bar at the event thanks to you guys!

- Erin Jevis- Makers Mark (via Evins Communications)

Wow, what a great time we had at the 7 Deadly Sins! Thank you very much! We loved everything, from the start on canal street with the poet, the mysterious walk to the restaurant, the great corner were we have never been before. The food was sense-blowing, the performances were stimulant and funny and of course the band which was rocking.

But the best part was really to meet you. You are really a very nice guy, humble and very professional. A perfect host. It’s rare these days and especially in NYC to find somebody who takes his job serious, is kind and answers every email and even when you were in the middle of an interview you answered my text to let me know where the meeting point is. That’s perfect service and attention!!! Fantastic job Adam!

-Happy Guest


Press Quotes

Adam Aleksnder is the master of the NYC popup scene
- NY Post

I mean that “event coordinator” is fucking kidding me right? He’s dressed like something out of fucking Willie Wonkas Chocolate Factory.
- Barstool Sports

Adam Aleksander’s Experiential Events are a genre all their own.
-Nylon Guys Magazine

“New York’s eccentric wiz-kid party planner”

“The madcap man behind some of the city’s most off-the-wall parties”

“This night is sure to be epic”

“If you’re wondering what an evening social at Tim Burton’s downtown loft might be like, this is
probably as close as you’ll get without sitting down to eat with Beetlejuice.”

“Remember prom – how it was filled with epically magical moments like a synchronized dance number,
kissing Brad, the most attractive boy in school and accidentally revealing that you’re an undercover
reporter? No? Nor do we, which is why we’re embracing the chance to do it all over again.”