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Soho House Halloween

Friday October 31, 2014, we designed Soho House’s Halloween gala with an event beyond all expectations. “The Garden of Earthly Delights” brought to life Hieronymus Bosch’s 14th century masterpiece. Each floor of the house was be themed and transformed, inviting the guests to explore the 3 immersive macrocosms of the painting: Eden, Hell, and The Garden. Each floor had it’s own story, characters, and mysteries to unravel as guests moved from world-to-world, seeking to unearth the philosophical truths of the pleasure spectrum…

The roof was designed as The Garden of the Unreal where fantastical creatures roamed. Here, our ancestors were not expelled from Eden. It was a sumptuous garden setting joyfully engaged in the pleasures of the flesh with guests moving freely in the shimmering waters and sunny meadows in which sensuality is embraced without shame or consequence.

The 6th or main floor was the world as Hell, a civilization eaten by it’s own excesses and overindulgent desires. A carnival of lurid delights, led by demons where guests delved into the darker side of their sensuality and explored true hedonism. As the dead rose, the living were invited to embrace their darkest musings, descending to the grave, as the carnival erupted to carry guests into realms from which they never returned.

Soho House Halloween

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